Separation Process Solutions

APS represents a series of proprietary treatment technology which is applied to the separation process of produced water treatment, sand management and debottlenecking solutions. These processes are currently accepted and used by Super Majors, major and national oil companies around the world.

1. Produced Water Treatment System

The produced water treatment system is referred to as a Compact Floatation Unit (CFU) which encompasses a series of vertical pressure vessel designed to deal with the mixture of oil and gas, water, solids and natural chemicals to ensure that it is effectively treated before being either discharged or re-injected. It has the following key characteristics:

No moving parts and no small bore openings
No external energy required
Small footprint and low weight
High capacity due to short residence time (down to below 30 seconds)
Reliable and highly efficient in the separation of water, oil and gas to achieve a high standard of treated water (less than 5ppm in some instances)
Can be operated in series or in parallel depending on the performance requirements of a
specific application
Significantly lower capex and opex when compared against traditional technologies
Effective at many different applications in the process stream
Can operate robustly under a wide variety of physical conditions

2. Sand Management Solutions

Flexibility is the key principle in addressing the unpredictable and inconsistent issues relating to sand management. APS represents a series of sand management solutions that can be customized to address the various factors such as accumulation, fluidisation, transportation, cleaning and disposal which all need careful consideration.

Our systems integrate sand management technologies with process design solutions to deliver optimal solutions for every application.

MULTIPHASE - Wellhead Desanding System
IN- SEPARATOR - Continuous & Batch Removal System
LIQUID PHASE - Desanding Hydrocyclones
- Sand Receiving and Cleaning System
- Sand Bagging & Overboard Systems
- Dechalking & Desilting Hydrocyclones

3. Debottlenecking Solutions

Over time, the performance of water and sand related topsides processes dwindles as the water production profiles increases. Existing equipment struggles with capacity constraints of the new water and sand output and requires upgrading and or replacement.

APS represents technical solutions that are simple and cost, time and space efficient upgrade options which are superior to standard equipment replacement solutions. These technologies allow water and sand to be either pre-separated upstream to maintain production limitations or upgrading existing facilities to cope with the additional volume.

These technologies includes:

• Preseparation Hydrocyclones – Bulk Water Removal
• Deoiling Hydrocyclone Performance Enhancement Technology
• Retrofits of third party Deoiling Hydrocyclone Systems
• Retrofits of third party Desanding Hydrocyclone Systems
• Sand Removal System retrofits of Production Separators